The Darkening

The Bone Lady

After a few uninteresting encounters in the swamp, we found the bone lady.

She first greeted us as a stranger named Eldra who said she was going to find the Bone Lady herself. After journeying with her for a ways, it turned out that she herself, was the Bone Lady.

She welcomed us into her house, which was, itself, quite amazing. What looked like a small hut opened up into a palatial estate within. Eldra showed us that the building could change in size, shape and form at her whim. Astounding!

She shared with us that she was ancient, we had a long discussion about who can and cannot die, and she then asked for our help.

She explained that there is a lunar naga that has raised a group of lizardfolk that has been at odds with her. The naga was not originally hostile, but has, in the last few months become aggressive.

We travelled through the swamp and found a clearing with the naga and her 4 lizardfolk followers. We hatched a plan that involved a diversion of Caster, Yeld and myself while Salty and Eloken snuck around the back.

The battle was long, but we managed to slay all of the evil, and in fact, I struck the final blow that killed the naga!



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