The Darkening

stupid city folk[2]

As we start off on our jurney I can tell many on my companions are capable fighters but are not much of adventurers. I dought any of them have ever ridden a horse. Not sure how anyone can call them selves a true adventurer with lacking such basic skills? That being said I am trying my best to teach these companions the basics of riding so we make decent progress to our destnations. I think all efforts on our squat friend are futile, he has no hope, and disgraces that poor steed. Shockingly we are managing to make ok time,, and that worthless dwarf surprisingly has enough intelligence to not try mounted combat agaist a far superior foe in the scorpion. I was for sure he would be killed, luckily my quick thinking showed him the error in his intent.
We did manage to have some uneventful times, however this party loves to talk at length about every decision and allows for otherwise inferior foes and species to get the jump on them. Lucky for them I do not engage in such nonsense and position my self to spring my own attacks. I can only hope they will learn from my actions and be less concerned with words and more concerned with survival and our mission. with oll of this talk and nonsense I have been unable to completely focus, in fact it has been so distracting I miss three charges in battle!!! I have never had such an issue, they better get there act in order or it may be the death of us all.



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