The Darkening

[8] Nameless Rifts

We continued to move south through the Storm Marsh, encountering difficult terrain including swampy quicksand. On the 14th day we encountered a group of giant frogs. While it was obvious to me that we had stumbled onto their home and that the correct action was to slowly withdraw from the area and continue around them, Zark dismounted and immediately attacked them despite my recommendation to the contrary.

This forced much of the rest of the group into battle. Still not seeing the need for mortal combat, I color sprayed three of the frogs unconscious. It wasn’t until Zark had fell three others with his waraxe that Caster and I were able to convince Zark and Yerold to withdraw. Salty was fortunately able to heal the injured frogs and we went on our way.

Next we encountered an old woman dressed in multi-color patchwork rags, who darted around in various locations. She identified herself as Eldra and said she was on her way to find the Bone Lady. While she seemed innocuous to some, it was apparent to the rest that there was more to this woman than a sickly husband requiring ointment…

We agreed to escort her to the Bone Lady and when we arrived at a small hut, Eldra told us she was the Bone Lady and this was her home. She invited us inside, where it was magically much larger and nicer than the exterior portrayed. In response to our quest to find what happened to Sir Thomas Goodwin and what has caused the rumblings on Dark Mount, the Bone Lady stated that the rumblings were likely a rift. The Nameless One is trapped and there is someone working to free him. While she does not believe it to be Shadowheart, it is one dabbling in the dark arts attempting to use them to open a rift to bring the Nameless One over from his prison. While this initial rift failed its specific purpose, it has still caused chaos throughout the lands.

This is where she requested our help. There is an evil creature, a Lunar Naga, who has become aggressive and frenzied, likely due to the rumblings. She has gathered a group of lizardfolk and threatens the inhabitants in and around Storm Marsh. If we are able to put an end to her reign of terror, Eldra will help us find answers to our remaining questions.

We spent the night in her home, and in the morning I noted that my travel log did not seem to function correctly from inside the hut. After much arguing we ended up accepting her quest. She laid out a path to the great stump oak and instructed us that the Naga was northwest from there.

After a short trip, we came upon the Naga atop a small rising, her lizardfolk acting as parishioners to a deity. We attempted to surround the group, but at the first sign of battle, the Naga went invisible. Our Lantern Archon friend appeared and aided us in battle. With its help we were able to defeat both the lizardfolk and the Lunar Naga. I suppose it is now time to return to the Bone Lady for more answers.



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