The Darkening

[8] A Greater Evil

[8] A Greater Evil

Entering the Storm Marsh we headed south and encountered quick sand. I got off my horse to probe the ground while the rest of us followed on horse.

After about half an hour of this we stumbled into the home of some giant frogs. The giant frogs attacked us and Elokin yelled for us to retreat as we were in their house. Caster yelled at me to destroy the eggs but I thought better about it then he yelled they are in the trees; however there was nothing in the tree. Eventually, we listened to Elokin and retreated.

Later I saw a lady right ahead of us and chased after her. However no matter how fast I ran I could never catch her? Zark saw the same women behind us, and eventually the woman was next to us after Caster screamed out in exasperation. This lady claimed to an old lady on her way to find an ointment for her husband. She lead us to a small hut which was larger on the outside then the inside and admitted that she was the bone lady. Caster seemed highly annoyed by this game and proceeded to be very rude throughout the night despite her generous hospitality.

The bone lady explained the she existed on the edge for hundreds of years and has never had much trouble. Recently however a Naga has been giving her problems and asked that we remove her. We agreed despite casters annoyance. The next day we headed out to face her.
Additionally, the bone lady whose name was Eldra told us that our worst fears were true and that she someone is trying to free the nameless one. She did not believe it was the black rider Moridon but believed it was someone more powerful still. She had no real knowledge of the death of the Honorable Sir Thomas Goodwin the 3rd.

The next day we faced the Naga and Caster tried to negotiate with her in his language, which I am sad to admit despite 9 days of learning his language I was not able to follow. When Caster negotiation failed we were tried we attacked and with the help of our Lantern Archon we survived yet again. Now back to the bone lady.



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