The Darkening

[2] The Journey Begins

Today we met the rest of our new group, Caster the Oracle and Zark the Dwarf Fighter. We were also given further information on our task. Garret the Ranger from the first group left one clue before he died, which was “storm marsh”. Along with that we were given some gold, horses, a magic travel log and the choice to make our way by horse or along the river to the south.

While some in the group have little experience riding, we all agreed on traveling by horse, hoping to uncover more clues that way.

Our first encounter was with a group of bandits that approached us as we setup camp for the night. After defeating them we attempted to interrogate two in the party, including the leader. We gained no real information from the questioning as the leader became possessed and spoke some infernal language. Yerold strangely, after trying to initially coexist with the bandits, “passed his judgment” over the two captives and slayed them.

We found an amulet on the leader, that after examining we determined contained a very powerful and evil magic. After writing our findings in the travel log we were advised that evil forces would likely try to recapture it and we should trust no one until we reach a contact in the next city that should be able to help us destroy it.

Next we were ambushed by goblins and hobgoblins who knew we had the amulet and were after it. After defeating them, some in the party noticed a Black Rider in the shadows, who quickly disappeared once spotted.

Just a few days in and already it seems we’ve made an impression on these evil forces.



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