The Darkening

[2-01] - The Eternity Crown

Upon being summoned by the Council, I travelled back to Maradin to meet with them. We learned that Zak blew himself up and Caster has either moved on to another plane or been committed back to Silent Hill. In their stead, the Council summoned two new members, the Half-Orc Thad and his brother the Half-Elf Linus.

The Council explained that the wizards Nem & Undis gained some knowledge from the book before Be-lal Shadowsoul absconded with it. Undis said the book tells how to open a portal to bring about a darkening. The first piece needed is the Eternity crown. Made of demon skull bone, we now believe to have seen it in the chamber outside the altar where we found the book of Ahn Ainollan. The crown contains 3 slots, each made to house a stone of power that are scattered over the lands.

The first stone is believed to be a Black Onyx, located in the mines of Therine Grall, somewhere in the Northwest Jehennah mountains. It is now believed that the Great Dwarves lead by King Bran Thuranda that once inhabited the mountains, retreated to these mines due to the pull of the stone.

The only thing known about the second stone is that it may be in the Great Eastern Desert. No details are known about the third stone.

Surely Be-lal and his agents are searching for the evil stones as well in an attempt to help the Nameless One remake the world into eternal hell.

We agreed to undertake the Councils quest, the first step of which is the 6 night journey up the Kayden River. From there we will have to search the Jehannah Mountains for the lost mines of Therine Grall, which hopefully contains the Black Onyx.



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