The Darkening

[1] New Beginnings

[1] New Beginnings

On orders of the Order of the Holy Shield I traveled to Amadon to answer the council of seven call for adventures. Before I left the order provided me with a good sword and some old armor as they wanted their lone representative to look respectable. As I traveled I reflected upon the fact that 100 years the order would have sent a dozen knights in plate mail on war steads instead of one half trained knight in the back of a turnip wagon.
In Maradin, I went to the receiving chamber and as expected I was selected for the group. I know not if I selected based upon personal merits or if I was nothing more than a required selection that the council made based upon the past loyalty to my order. Three others were selected as well, a Magi, name Elokin, and Cleric named Saltinder and Verdin a cavalier. All seem of hardy stock and little evil was detected in them.
Next they tested our group by pitting us against 4 common street criminals, as expected; they were no match as a group subdued the criminals without taking one scratch. If it wasn’t for the evil I felt from the rapist, I would of almost suspected that they were actors designed to increase our moral, not hardened criminals.
After the battle, we were shown to our rooms and informed that several others might by joining our group as well tomorrow. To celebrate Saltinder suggested we head to a tavern.



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