The Darkening

[1] Answering the Call

My trip to Amadon was my first foray into the life of an adventurer. While not wholly different from being on tour, having to find and fund my own arrangements proved to be the most taxing. Fortunately I was able to scrape together a few silver doing some calligraphy and scribe work in various stops along my journey.

Once in Amadon, I made my way to the city of Maradin to answer the Council of Seven’s call for a group of adventurers. In the receiving chamber of the Council’s meeting, The King and Queen Yarmin spoke of the troubles facing Dhronguur and the need for the call of a new group of adventurers. Those answering the call introduced themselves. The Council then made known their initial selections. Four from that meeting were chosen:

  • Myself, Elokin Dinalagos;

  • Yerold the Brave, a human paladin looking for revenge for the fallen paladin from the first group;

  • Saltinder Lamachia, a half elf cleric from the foot of the mountains;

  • Verdin, a human cavalier form the riders of Willadain.

The King then announced that this group would have an initial test to verify our qualifications and allow them to see how we adapt.

After a short rest period, we were escorted to the coliseum and introduced to the city’s guard captain. We were instructed to turn over all weapons and shields, but allowed to keep our armor. We were then lined up against four criminals and given a random non-lethal weapon, with our task being to defeat the criminals.

I struck the first blow, eschewing my newly acquired light hammer for a blast of color spray that knocked out two of the criminals (including the rapist). Yerold then gave the remaining two the chance to surrender, which was silently declined. The other three members of our newly formed group then swarmed the two standing criminals, knocking them out in a handful of seconds. So far it seems that they are worthy teammates.

The guards then charged in signaling the end of the contest. The Council let us know that we had passed our test and would be meeting the rest of the selected group shortly. In the meantime we were given rooms to stay in. Saltinder suggested we head to the tavern to celebrate our selection and bond a bit as a group.



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