Welcome to The Darkening.

It has been eight months since you found the book and returned it, only to be betrayed yet again. For your courage and loyalty you have all been given land and title in whichever land you choose. This gives you access to a banking system and promissory notes. Your land gives you 800 gold a month in expendable income. After a good rest, you have now been called back by the Council. In the eight months since your return, the wizards have done some research and are ready to send you out on your next quest, should you choose to accept it. Note that things have taken a turn for the worse. Attacks are more frequent, and by larger forces. The weather has been unnatural as of late, and, rumor has it, dragons, which have not been seen in eons, have now been sighted.

The peoples of the lands are in a state of near panic, as many believe the end of the world is upon them. The Council is amassing an army, and using many resources to outfit them. This has made magic items of all kind very hard to come by, and what is available is priced well above normal market value, if you can get someone to sell at all.

The Darkening

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