Rhuldain is the southern country of Dhronguur. It is bordered on the south by the Isles of the Dragons, on the west by the Forest of Elindin, to the east by the Cordissian Ocean, and to the north by the country of Amadon. It shares the Eastern desert with Amadon, with the greater part being in Rhuldain.

Rhuldains capital city is Kulthin. It is a sprawling city on the shore of the Strait of Storms, that is split by the Kayden river.

Rhuldain is split into 20 Duchy’s, each of which sends a chancellor to the capital city to sit on the Council of Magisters. These chancellors, along with three High Chancellors from the capital itself make up the ruling body of Rhuldain. The High Chancellors also keep council with a sorcerer, whom is the spiritual advisor of the nation.

People of note:
High Chancellor Bardis
High Chancellor Tooms
High Chancellor Dinas
Sorcerer Artim Therin


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