The land of Dhronguur has known a lasting peace for several centuries. It has not always been so. In the far back beginning of time, the world was formed by the Creator, a benign God from another dimension. He travelled through a rift to this dimension, in order to create a perfect haven.

Unbeknownst to him though, when he traveled to this plane, he left a residue. This residue was followed by an evil God, who went by many names, but whose true name has been lost to antiquity. This God arrived, and immediately began twisting it to his own dark image. This nameless one, so called for his true name is thought to bring his evil attentions, fought with the creator over many aeons, until finally he was imprisoned on another plane, and his forces were scattered. The Creator, weary from his war with The Nameless One, at this time left to return to his home dimension. In his abscence the people of Dhronguur began to worship a widespread pantheon of gods and goddesses.

Thus we now find Dhronguur a land of peace and contentment. It is split into three major countries, Amadon, Cartis, and Rhuldain. These countries live and trade in relative peace with one another. Every 2 years these leaders meet, in whats known as The Council of Seven, to discusss trade, laws, and other relevant issues. The Council of Seven is made up of the Kings and Queens of Cartis and Amadon, and the 3 High Chancellors of Rhuldain. Each contingent also brings along there magical advisor.

This peace has lasted mainly because most of the monstous races have been driven from the main continent. They now live mostly on Shadow Island and are rarely a problem. On occasion a small raiding party may make its way to the main land. A few creatures are also said to reside in some of the more wild reaches of the land, but rarely come into human contact. Until recently that is.

Raiding parties have been encoutered more and more recently. Eight months ago Dark Mount started to emit smoke. The magical advisors felt this was a dark portent, and implored the leaders to send out a scouting party. The leaders agreed, and sent forth a party of fighters, with a cleric, a ranger and led by a paladin from Amadon. Two weeks ago the ranger returned alone, gravely injured. He reported to the council that they had been ambushed. All were dead. The last thing he saw as he crawled under some shrubs to hide, was the paladin falling to his knees, surrounded by a black shadow, then a dark flash and the paladin was gone.

The Council of Seven have put forth a call for a group of intrepid adventurers….


The Darkening MysterE73