Amadon is the largest of the three countries of Dhronguur. It’s capital is Maradin, which is located in the enter of the country, where the Azreth river splits from the larger Kayden River. Amadon is also a monarchy ruled by the Yarmin family.

Amadon is bordered to the north by the Jehennah mountains. Beyond the mountains the land is known only as the Wastelands, as no one has ever ventured more than a few miles in. Those that have have never been heard from again.

Within the borders of Amadon lies several areas of note. The Tamarang Sea is an inland sea, whose creation and depth , to this day remain a mystery.

In the eastern parts of Amadon lie the Eastern desert and Duskwood, two areas where few venture.

People of note:
King Zidas Yarmin
Queen Sheetha Yarmin
Wizard Undis


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