The Darkening

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The beginnings

As we open, our adventurers have answered the call of the council of seven. It appears not all is well in the lands of Dhronguur. Recent increases in raiding parties from shadow island, along with rumblings from dark mount, led the council to send out a group, led by Tomas Goodwine, a paladin of the Order of the Shield, to investigate. Alas the group met with an ill fate, and now the Council has put together a new group.

[1] Answering the Call

My trip to Amadon was my first foray into the life of an adventurer. While not wholly different from being on tour, having to find and fund my own arrangements proved to be the most taxing. Fortunately I was able to scrape together a few silver doing some calligraphy and scribe work in various stops along my journey.

Once in Amadon, I made my way to the city of Maradin to answer the Council of Seven’s call for a group of adventurers. In the receiving chamber of the Council’s meeting, The King and Queen Yarmin spoke of the troubles facing Dhronguur and the need for the call of a new group of adventurers. Those answering the call introduced themselves. The Council then made known their initial selections. Four from that meeting were chosen:

  • Myself, Elokin Dinalagos;

  • Yerold the Brave, a human paladin looking for revenge for the fallen paladin from the first group;

  • Saltinder Lamachia, a half elf cleric from the foot of the mountains;

  • Verdin, a human cavalier form the riders of Willadain.

The King then announced that this group would have an initial test to verify our qualifications and allow them to see how we adapt.

After a short rest period, we were escorted to the coliseum and introduced to the city’s guard captain. We were instructed to turn over all weapons and shields, but allowed to keep our armor. We were then lined up against four criminals and given a random non-lethal weapon, with our task being to defeat the criminals.

I struck the first blow, eschewing my newly acquired light hammer for a blast of color spray that knocked out two of the criminals (including the rapist). Yerold then gave the remaining two the chance to surrender, which was silently declined. The other three members of our newly formed group then swarmed the two standing criminals, knocking them out in a handful of seconds. So far it seems that they are worthy teammates.

The guards then charged in signaling the end of the contest. The Council let us know that we had passed our test and would be meeting the rest of the selected group shortly. In the meantime we were given rooms to stay in. Saltinder suggested we head to the tavern to celebrate our selection and bond a bit as a group.

[1] New Beginnings
[1] New Beginnings

On orders of the Order of the Holy Shield I traveled to Amadon to answer the council of seven call for adventures. Before I left the order provided me with a good sword and some old armor as they wanted their lone representative to look respectable. As I traveled I reflected upon the fact that 100 years the order would have sent a dozen knights in plate mail on war steads instead of one half trained knight in the back of a turnip wagon.
In Maradin, I went to the receiving chamber and as expected I was selected for the group. I know not if I selected based upon personal merits or if I was nothing more than a required selection that the council made based upon the past loyalty to my order. Three others were selected as well, a Magi, name Elokin, and Cleric named Saltinder and Verdin a cavalier. All seem of hardy stock and little evil was detected in them.
Next they tested our group by pitting us against 4 common street criminals, as expected; they were no match as a group subdued the criminals without taking one scratch. If it wasn’t for the evil I felt from the rapist, I would of almost suspected that they were actors designed to increase our moral, not hardened criminals.
After the battle, we were shown to our rooms and informed that several others might by joining our group as well tomorrow. To celebrate Saltinder suggested we head to a tavern.

[2] The Journey Begins

Today we met the rest of our new group, Caster the Oracle and Zark the Dwarf Fighter. We were also given further information on our task. Garret the Ranger from the first group left one clue before he died, which was “storm marsh”. Along with that we were given some gold, horses, a magic travel log and the choice to make our way by horse or along the river to the south.

While some in the group have little experience riding, we all agreed on traveling by horse, hoping to uncover more clues that way.

Our first encounter was with a group of bandits that approached us as we setup camp for the night. After defeating them we attempted to interrogate two in the party, including the leader. We gained no real information from the questioning as the leader became possessed and spoke some infernal language. Yerold strangely, after trying to initially coexist with the bandits, “passed his judgment” over the two captives and slayed them.

We found an amulet on the leader, that after examining we determined contained a very powerful and evil magic. After writing our findings in the travel log we were advised that evil forces would likely try to recapture it and we should trust no one until we reach a contact in the next city that should be able to help us destroy it.

Next we were ambushed by goblins and hobgoblins who knew we had the amulet and were after it. After defeating them, some in the party noticed a Black Rider in the shadows, who quickly disappeared once spotted.

Just a few days in and already it seems we’ve made an impression on these evil forces.

stupid city folk[2]

As we start off on our jurney I can tell many on my companions are capable fighters but are not much of adventurers. I dought any of them have ever ridden a horse. Not sure how anyone can call them selves a true adventurer with lacking such basic skills? That being said I am trying my best to teach these companions the basics of riding so we make decent progress to our destnations. I think all efforts on our squat friend are futile, he has no hope, and disgraces that poor steed. Shockingly we are managing to make ok time,, and that worthless dwarf surprisingly has enough intelligence to not try mounted combat agaist a far superior foe in the scorpion. I was for sure he would be killed, luckily my quick thinking showed him the error in his intent.
We did manage to have some uneventful times, however this party loves to talk at length about every decision and allows for otherwise inferior foes and species to get the jump on them. Lucky for them I do not engage in such nonsense and position my self to spring my own attacks. I can only hope they will learn from my actions and be less concerned with words and more concerned with survival and our mission. with oll of this talk and nonsense I have been unable to completely focus, in fact it has been so distracting I miss three charges in battle!!! I have never had such an issue, they better get there act in order or it may be the death of us all.

[3] Dont Die its against the law

A mile outside of a town that the caster called BBRAVevavVale the party was attacked by a group of skeletons and ghouls. The battle was relatively easy and the only real injury was a small bite on Dinalagos from a ghoul. The interesting thing was right before we won the battle, a blue lightly bolts killed the remaining 3 undead and the mysterious clocked rider told us to abandon our quest and then promptly disappeared again.
Upon reaching town a middle aged man ran away from Dinalagos after seeing the bite, claiming he would be turned into a ghoul soon. To ease his mind, I offered to pray for Dinalagos soul and to kill him personally, when he turned. Strangely he was less then pleased with my offer.
After stopping at an Inn, we meet the mayor where we learned that that BBRAVevavVale has recently been renamed to shadyvale, and that for 8 months undead have been wondering the streets at night. More disturbingly, we learned that requests to the closest city were denied as the city had troubles of its own. What could be more troubling then the dead walking the earth? Anyways now that our party is here we can cleanse this town of the evil. After telling the mayor we would help the mayor suggested we cure Dinalagos of his ghoul affliction, which we promptly did.
We stayed at the Inn that night, and watched the dead wonder the streets. The next morning we hit the armory where the mayor provided us with some scrolls and some potions and headed to the cemetery to stop the undead hordes. At the cemetery, out party encountered more zombies and skeletons, which we quickly dispatched. After dispatching them I heard a short burst of exiting music which filled me with strength. I now feel stronger more experienced, which is good because more undead are coming towards us.

[3] Dead Rising

Its the morning of the third day of our journey and we all woke up ready to keep going. I checked in with the council via the travel log, paying special attention to the handwriting, so I’ll be able to tell if we happen to begin communicating with someone else in the future.

With the city of Creston still a day away, we reached a small farming village that Caster called !?*%$-Vale just as we ran into a group of skeletons and ghouls. During the battle I was bitten by one of the ghouls, though Saltinder’s healing powers seemed more than up to the task. With about half the herd slain, purple lightning rained down from the heavens, striking down the remaining foes. Some distance away stood the Black Rider. I heard a voice in my head, presumably him, say that we should give up our quest. Seems like he is going to be a problem…

We made it in to the village, and all the villagers freaked out when they learned that I had been bitten. Hmph. Yerold, Saltinder and myself went to the tavern, The Harvester’s Rest while Caster and Verdin went to find a blacksmith. The proprietor of the Haverster rented us two rooms, which included boarding of our horses, dinner, breakfast and trail rations for the next day. He told us that the village was being overrun with the creatures we had encountered on a nightly basis and that if we wanted more info, we’d best speak with the mayor.

We made our way to Mayor Thurgis’ office. With a paladin in our group, he was most ecstatic to see us. He explained that 8 months ago there was a great rumbling from the earth and now the dead rise every night from the cemetery west over the hill. Creston usually supports the village (Pine Vale) with soldiers, but since the great rumbling have not been in contact. He asked if we would be able to help. For our help, the village offered 600 gold plus anything they could provide to aid in our battle.

We quickly agreed to help before Yerold was able to convince the Mayor that no payment would be accepted… He directed his secretary Aguain to escort us to the magic shop to procure something to fix the bite the ghouls bestowed upon me. Yerold assured me he’d kill me if I were to turn, and I assured him I should not be taken so lightly…

The man in the magic shop was eager to help us and provided me with a tonic to cure the bite, a potion of Shocking Grasp, some scrolls for Saltinder and additional healing potions for the group. With that it was almost nightfall so we made our way back to the inn.

There we had dinner while they boarded up all the doors. Before long the streets were flooded with undead. We were going to have our work cut out for us.

The next morning we went to the blacksmith to procure some bludgeoning weapons more appropriate for the boney skeletons we had encountered. With that, we headed west to the cemetery. After a short journey, we came upon the hill and just over the rise spotted a dozen or so ghouls and skeletons. We devised a plan to protect our cleric Saltinder and have him use his holy powers to defeat the undead. While the plan was successful, it was rather time consuming. With those initial undead defeated, we can be sure there are more waves coming based on the streets of the village the night before…

[4] Real Evil Wears Purple

After the first wave of zombies and skeletons, we took on the second wave. Our tactics changed slightly and though we stuck together and kept our efforts in a concentrated area like before, we attacked the enemy head-on instead of trying to rely on Saltinder. The dwarf Zark put his battle prowess on display, defeating many of the enemies and positioning himself properly on the battlefield to give our group the advantage.

With the second wave fallen, Yerold appeared from one of the mausoleums, visibly shaken, yelling “They defiled Izrid Crenshin’s grave, his coffin is missing! We must find him.”

As we approached the maw in the back of the cemetery, a bugbear and three goblins emerged demanding we hand over what we were sure was the amulet. Caster’s attempt at diplomacy was less than successful, so I went over to Verdin (who had the amulet in his possession) and pretended to retrieve it from his bag.

I then calmly walked over to the bugbear and his friends to give them what was rightfully theirs, a blast of color spray. After that surprise opening, with two of the three goblins knocked unconscious and the bugbear blinded and stunned, the rest of the group moved in. Unwilling to surrender, the bugbear and one conscious goblin were slain. Just as Caster began to bind the unconscious goblins, magic missiles blasted from inside the maw.

We rushed in to find an the culprit, an undead cleric standing next to an opened coffin. With a purple haze behind him, the group charged the cleric. When the killing blow was landed, the cleric exploded to dust and the purple portal behind him vanished as well. We had found Izrid’s coffin and prevented the cleric from using unholy magic to raise him to evil.

As we started to surround the coffin to return it to its resting place, a Lantern Archon zipped in saying that he-had-been-watching-us-we-were-doing-very-well-and-he-would-help-us-when-he-could. With the coffin returned, the Archon implored Yerold to take up Izrid’s Thundering Long Sword, which he reluctantly accepted. With the two unconscious goblins tied up, we began to interrogate them. When the first provided no information, Yerold chopped its head off. Caster prevented Yerold from doing the same to the second goblin, setting it free if it agreed to never return again.
We then went back to town, met with the mayor, collected our rewards and prepared to move onward.

[5] More “Things That Don’t Exist on This Continent”

On the morning of our fifth day we set off from Pine Vale for Creston. We were making good time as we closed in on the city in the early afternoon, until we were ambushed by six grey-skinned, greasy black haired orcs wielding falchions and javelins. Yerold’s insistence that these creatures couldn’t possibly be on this continent did little to deflect the javelins that came flying at Verdin. Caster attempted to reason with them but they ignored his attempts at their language. Verdin was knocked limp on his horse, but Caster was able to wield our newly acquired wand and bring him to, as we eventually defeated the orcs.

Upon reaching the city and noting the palisades being erected on the south side of the city, we set about finding the mayor for a meeting. We then learned that Mayor Goodwin is dead, Counselor Toms is dead and Counselor Benes is dead. Counsellor Grinns is the only political leader still alive. We made our way to his office and met with him, a tall skinny disheveled human man.

He said that orc raids have been occurring during seemingly random nights. One raid targeted all the leaders. He escaped out a first floor window, his man servant taking the killing blow. We set up another appointment to meet with him tomorrow morning to talk about the remaining 25 raiding orcs that have emanated from either across the river to the east or from the south.

Back in Market Square, I purchased from fruit from Geezel the Grocer and got some directions to the two smiths, Kettlebottom and Hammer’s Ring. Oddly he had no idea who Bob the Smithy is. We investigated Caster’s suspicions of Grinns, much to Yerold’s displeasure. We were only able to ascertain that he has no family, all the city’s inhabitants like him, and his home is in the north-east of the city.

We stopped at Magical Merilynn’s shop, who lowballed a price for the morningstar we attempted to sell, but did let us know that be can enchant items. We decided to head to the Hammer’s Ring next, to see if we’d have any better luck selling the morningstar there, and perhaps get Verdin a lance. There we met the dwarf proprietor Balmahinder Orebinder Bazelstoage, whose friends call him Bob. Incredibly happy to get more weapons so the city could better defend themselves from the orc raids, he bought all of our extra weapons for market price, the morningstar for 80% of its market price and sold us a bevy of masterwork weapons. The masterwork dwarven waraxe we purchased for Zark was actually his own personal weapon, so we agreed to have Zark trade in his current waraxe in the morning.

Of the three taverns in the city, The Crow’s Nest by the docs, the Wayfarer’s Inn, and the White Shield Tavern, we chose The Crow’s Nest. We spoke to Amalasin Stonebow, and got two night stay. I milled about the bar, hoping to find a ranger who may be able to help us track the orcs back to their camp. What I did find was a hooded figure in the corner, watching us. We approached the person and were introduced to Shara, a female half elf. She was at the council and wanted to be selected as one of the new adventurers. She had some detailed information of us individually and agreed to help us by initially looking into how the political figures could have been targeted so specifically, given that the orcs appear to lack such strategic planning skills…


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