The Darkening

Welcome Home

In the morning, Caster came to after Eloken treated his poison. We talked with him to try and figure out why people were going after him. He had some suspsicious answers and I noticed him sweating a lot as we talked. Something definitely seemed up.

Eventually, we found out that when he “awoke in his new body”, he did so near the Silent Hill Sanitarium and left – never to return. Salty created a zone of truth to help us sort out what happened. There are still some questions and things left unsaid… but we really have no reason to suspect anything unsettling. On the upside, he and I are going to be talking about some of his past lives and I’m interested in learning more about his interesting situation.

After getting to the bottom of that, we began discussing Vardin’s odd quirks lately. After Caster’s abduction, he appeared to care little for Cater’s safe return. Curiouser still, Vardin has gone missing today… and with him, an amulet that is responsible for turning good people evil.

We interrogated the bounty hunter that survived. He stood by the claim of Caster needing to be taken in as decreed by Glenna Icestorm. While Yeld and Eloken discussed what should be done with the man, Caster snuck in and smashed him with his morning star.

We discussed it and decided that the sanitarium was worth a visit. The council confirmed our decision and sent word ahead describing our inspection.

We arrived at the sanitarium – it was quite the imposing building, a huge fort! Glenna took us through the grounds on a tour.

During the tour she discussed some of the more violent patients, and we led the discussion to Caster – she informed us that he killed a guard and injured several others, but I’m not sure that I believe her.

During the tour, Maven, the second-in-command took over due to an emergency that drew Glenna away. Later on we ran into Glenna in an examination room with a group of guards as well. Glenna started referring to Caster by name and implied that he had to stay here, but we could continue on our way.

As Yeld was led downstairs, Glenna attacked him and battle broke out. Glenna was slain early by Eloken as the rest of the guards proved to be not much of a challenge.

One of the guards ran through the far door and we gave chase. We quickly caught up and killed the guard. Maven eventually returned and opened up the lone door leading into this room. We talked with him and it became clear that Glenna’s rule was iron-fisted, and the rest of the guards appear happy with her defeat.



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