The Darkening


I spent the last few days working on some new tricks. I’ve got one in particular that I like especially, but I’ve also found a way to make my items self-repairing. That should turn out to be useful.

I found the rest of the group and we set up camp. The next morning something weird happened. During the last watch (Verdin and Caster’s), Verdin appears to have been ambushed and Caster taken. We saw a party in the distance that surely was responsible and gave chase.

We spent several days giving chase. Along the way I discovered another neat trick and created a saddle that was imbued with the power to create mounts for 4 of us to ride – giving us several hours of extra travel each day.

Eventually we found a nomadic village and went in, following Salty. The negotiations turned south and we left. They demanded to see us ride off and so we did so, but attempted to find them later as they brought Caster to the sanitarium.

Eventually, we did run across them and entered into battle. The battle started off rough, but we did manage to make short work of the bounty hunters.



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