The Darkening

[5] More “Things That Don’t Exist on This Continent”

On the morning of our fifth day we set off from Pine Vale for Creston. We were making good time as we closed in on the city in the early afternoon, until we were ambushed by six grey-skinned, greasy black haired orcs wielding falchions and javelins. Yerold’s insistence that these creatures couldn’t possibly be on this continent did little to deflect the javelins that came flying at Verdin. Caster attempted to reason with them but they ignored his attempts at their language. Verdin was knocked limp on his horse, but Caster was able to wield our newly acquired wand and bring him to, as we eventually defeated the orcs.

Upon reaching the city and noting the palisades being erected on the south side of the city, we set about finding the mayor for a meeting. We then learned that Mayor Goodwin is dead, Counselor Toms is dead and Counselor Benes is dead. Counsellor Grinns is the only political leader still alive. We made our way to his office and met with him, a tall skinny disheveled human man.

He said that orc raids have been occurring during seemingly random nights. One raid targeted all the leaders. He escaped out a first floor window, his man servant taking the killing blow. We set up another appointment to meet with him tomorrow morning to talk about the remaining 25 raiding orcs that have emanated from either across the river to the east or from the south.

Back in Market Square, I purchased from fruit from Geezel the Grocer and got some directions to the two smiths, Kettlebottom and Hammer’s Ring. Oddly he had no idea who Bob the Smithy is. We investigated Caster’s suspicions of Grinns, much to Yerold’s displeasure. We were only able to ascertain that he has no family, all the city’s inhabitants like him, and his home is in the north-east of the city.

We stopped at Magical Merilynn’s shop, who lowballed a price for the morningstar we attempted to sell, but did let us know that be can enchant items. We decided to head to the Hammer’s Ring next, to see if we’d have any better luck selling the morningstar there, and perhaps get Verdin a lance. There we met the dwarf proprietor Balmahinder Orebinder Bazelstoage, whose friends call him Bob. Incredibly happy to get more weapons so the city could better defend themselves from the orc raids, he bought all of our extra weapons for market price, the morningstar for 80% of its market price and sold us a bevy of masterwork weapons. The masterwork dwarven waraxe we purchased for Zark was actually his own personal weapon, so we agreed to have Zark trade in his current waraxe in the morning.

Of the three taverns in the city, The Crow’s Nest by the docs, the Wayfarer’s Inn, and the White Shield Tavern, we chose The Crow’s Nest. We spoke to Amalasin Stonebow, and got two night stay. I milled about the bar, hoping to find a ranger who may be able to help us track the orcs back to their camp. What I did find was a hooded figure in the corner, watching us. We approached the person and were introduced to Shara, a female half elf. She was at the council and wanted to be selected as one of the new adventurers. She had some detailed information of us individually and agreed to help us by initially looking into how the political figures could have been targeted so specifically, given that the orcs appear to lack such strategic planning skills…



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