The Darkening

[4] Real Evil Wears Purple

After the first wave of zombies and skeletons, we took on the second wave. Our tactics changed slightly and though we stuck together and kept our efforts in a concentrated area like before, we attacked the enemy head-on instead of trying to rely on Saltinder. The dwarf Zark put his battle prowess on display, defeating many of the enemies and positioning himself properly on the battlefield to give our group the advantage.

With the second wave fallen, Yerold appeared from one of the mausoleums, visibly shaken, yelling “They defiled Izrid Crenshin’s grave, his coffin is missing! We must find him.”

As we approached the maw in the back of the cemetery, a bugbear and three goblins emerged demanding we hand over what we were sure was the amulet. Caster’s attempt at diplomacy was less than successful, so I went over to Verdin (who had the amulet in his possession) and pretended to retrieve it from his bag.

I then calmly walked over to the bugbear and his friends to give them what was rightfully theirs, a blast of color spray. After that surprise opening, with two of the three goblins knocked unconscious and the bugbear blinded and stunned, the rest of the group moved in. Unwilling to surrender, the bugbear and one conscious goblin were slain. Just as Caster began to bind the unconscious goblins, magic missiles blasted from inside the maw.

We rushed in to find an the culprit, an undead cleric standing next to an opened coffin. With a purple haze behind him, the group charged the cleric. When the killing blow was landed, the cleric exploded to dust and the purple portal behind him vanished as well. We had found Izrid’s coffin and prevented the cleric from using unholy magic to raise him to evil.

As we started to surround the coffin to return it to its resting place, a Lantern Archon zipped in saying that he-had-been-watching-us-we-were-doing-very-well-and-he-would-help-us-when-he-could. With the coffin returned, the Archon implored Yerold to take up Izrid’s Thundering Long Sword, which he reluctantly accepted. With the two unconscious goblins tied up, we began to interrogate them. When the first provided no information, Yerold chopped its head off. Caster prevented Yerold from doing the same to the second goblin, setting it free if it agreed to never return again.
We then went back to town, met with the mayor, collected our rewards and prepared to move onward.



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