The Darkening

[3] Dont Die its against the law

A mile outside of a town that the caster called BBRAVevavVale the party was attacked by a group of skeletons and ghouls. The battle was relatively easy and the only real injury was a small bite on Dinalagos from a ghoul. The interesting thing was right before we won the battle, a blue lightly bolts killed the remaining 3 undead and the mysterious clocked rider told us to abandon our quest and then promptly disappeared again.
Upon reaching town a middle aged man ran away from Dinalagos after seeing the bite, claiming he would be turned into a ghoul soon. To ease his mind, I offered to pray for Dinalagos soul and to kill him personally, when he turned. Strangely he was less then pleased with my offer.
After stopping at an Inn, we meet the mayor where we learned that that BBRAVevavVale has recently been renamed to shadyvale, and that for 8 months undead have been wondering the streets at night. More disturbingly, we learned that requests to the closest city were denied as the city had troubles of its own. What could be more troubling then the dead walking the earth? Anyways now that our party is here we can cleanse this town of the evil. After telling the mayor we would help the mayor suggested we cure Dinalagos of his ghoul affliction, which we promptly did.
We stayed at the Inn that night, and watched the dead wonder the streets. The next morning we hit the armory where the mayor provided us with some scrolls and some potions and headed to the cemetery to stop the undead hordes. At the cemetery, out party encountered more zombies and skeletons, which we quickly dispatched. After dispatching them I heard a short burst of exiting music which filled me with strength. I now feel stronger more experienced, which is good because more undead are coming towards us.



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