The Darkening

[3] Dead Rising

Its the morning of the third day of our journey and we all woke up ready to keep going. I checked in with the council via the travel log, paying special attention to the handwriting, so I’ll be able to tell if we happen to begin communicating with someone else in the future.

With the city of Creston still a day away, we reached a small farming village that Caster called !?*%$-Vale just as we ran into a group of skeletons and ghouls. During the battle I was bitten by one of the ghouls, though Saltinder’s healing powers seemed more than up to the task. With about half the herd slain, purple lightning rained down from the heavens, striking down the remaining foes. Some distance away stood the Black Rider. I heard a voice in my head, presumably him, say that we should give up our quest. Seems like he is going to be a problem…

We made it in to the village, and all the villagers freaked out when they learned that I had been bitten. Hmph. Yerold, Saltinder and myself went to the tavern, The Harvester’s Rest while Caster and Verdin went to find a blacksmith. The proprietor of the Haverster rented us two rooms, which included boarding of our horses, dinner, breakfast and trail rations for the next day. He told us that the village was being overrun with the creatures we had encountered on a nightly basis and that if we wanted more info, we’d best speak with the mayor.

We made our way to Mayor Thurgis’ office. With a paladin in our group, he was most ecstatic to see us. He explained that 8 months ago there was a great rumbling from the earth and now the dead rise every night from the cemetery west over the hill. Creston usually supports the village (Pine Vale) with soldiers, but since the great rumbling have not been in contact. He asked if we would be able to help. For our help, the village offered 600 gold plus anything they could provide to aid in our battle.

We quickly agreed to help before Yerold was able to convince the Mayor that no payment would be accepted… He directed his secretary Aguain to escort us to the magic shop to procure something to fix the bite the ghouls bestowed upon me. Yerold assured me he’d kill me if I were to turn, and I assured him I should not be taken so lightly…

The man in the magic shop was eager to help us and provided me with a tonic to cure the bite, a potion of Shocking Grasp, some scrolls for Saltinder and additional healing potions for the group. With that it was almost nightfall so we made our way back to the inn.

There we had dinner while they boarded up all the doors. Before long the streets were flooded with undead. We were going to have our work cut out for us.

The next morning we went to the blacksmith to procure some bludgeoning weapons more appropriate for the boney skeletons we had encountered. With that, we headed west to the cemetery. After a short journey, we came upon the hill and just over the rise spotted a dozen or so ghouls and skeletons. We devised a plan to protect our cleric Saltinder and have him use his holy powers to defeat the undead. While the plan was successful, it was rather time consuming. With those initial undead defeated, we can be sure there are more waves coming based on the streets of the village the night before…



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