The Darkening

[15.5] The Wrapup

With the sacrifice of some of Yerold’s blood, we revealed a secret door. The purple door opened to reveal an altar. Atop the altar sat the Book of Ahn Ainollan.

We retrieved the book and tossed the amulet into the lava. It was learned that the Drow had been forced to guard the temple, and our victory had broken the power that held the Drow there.

Zeztro thanked me for bringing great honor to the Drow. With this he handed down to me our ancestral sword, the scimitar Statikos.

We returned back to the capital and gave the book to the council. Each of us were granted an estate and 10,000 gold.

At the great banquet to celebrate the victory, a huge red dragon flew up to the sky. Atop it rode Therin with the Book of Ahn Ainollan in his hand.

Be-lal Shadowsoul



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