The Darkening


We left the sanitarium and headed into the desert, where we soon ran across Fisto Greystone, a human monk who was apparently sent to find us as a part of his quest to vanquish evil. Yeld gave him a pretty good inspection and he seemed pretty good.

During the first night, we were attacked by some ants. It seems like Yeld may have disturbed them accidentally. I created a device to eliminate the mound that they emerged from just in time – as Fisto came running out of the cave, I detonated it and bought us some time to get away.

Along the way, we ran into Mosul, the “rock guy”. We talked to him and found out that there were strange rocks and that we should “stay away from her.” We also got some explosive powder. Later that day, we tested the powder with Caster throwing powder at Fisto, who was holding a torch. There was a small explosion – which corresponded to the small amount of powder used.

Eventually we came to a valley, wherein we ran across Sirilanna, the sister of the woman we killed just a couple of days ago. We made this point clear to her quickly, so as to get rid of “the elephant in the room”.

We failed to kill her, but did finish off most of her henchmen. One of them we took prisoner and interrogated. He became Samas, Caster’s new mercenary. We also found the family and I managed to pick the locks on their manacles and set them free.



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