The Darkening

[13] Exploding Powder

It was the morning of the 27th day and we readied ourselves for the 2 days journey north, along the eastern desert. Our target was a small settlement “No Name”. This settlement has a deal with the people of Duskwood, and act as guides for adventurers foolish enough to want to explore Duskwood.

Before we left Silent Hill, we spoke with Maven and he explained that his family was still being held hostage by Glenna Icethorn’s sister to the north, amongst some strange rock formations. We agreed to help as Yerold once again attempted to refuse any payment or reward.

Quickly into our day’s travel, we met a human monk Fisto Greyskull who appeared from desert, saying he had been searching for us. He aimed to help us, regaling us with a story of how his monk order sends one of their own across the desert on a heroic mission every so often. I wrote back to the council and they indicated that his story was likely genuine, so we entrusted another stranger along our journey…

The rest of the day proved uneventful, until we setup camp. I was awoken to the pincered bite of a giant ant. As we would later find out, Yerold had been dangling his Vienna sausage above a giant ant colony who decided they’d had enough of his vile lemonade. After dispatching the ants at the surface, Fisto decided to explore the colony, Zak made preparations to explode the mound, while the rest of us gathered our belongings to get away from unnecessary danger. Fisto angered the rest of colony, and barely climbed out before Zak’s explosion kept all but a half dozen or so more ants inside the mound. With that, everyone decided we best be on our way.

On the 28th day, we met journeyed past a seemingly crazy rock-collecting man called Mozal, who lived in a cave. Caster, Zak & Fisto felt compelled to bother the poor fellow, while the rest of us stayed along the path, ready to be on our way. Their harassment did prove to be somewhat beneficial, as they returned with pouches containing some sort of exploding powder and the name of our target Sirlainna Stormthrower. Entranced by the powder, they asked no further question about what dangers lied ahead of us with her.

Eventually we would make our way to the strange rock formation. Rather than employ subterfuge, we boastfully identified ourselves as the group whom had killed Stormthrower’s sister and began the battle with her and her bodyguards.

After dispatching the bodyguards, Sirlainna escaped by flying away. The one bodyguard still alive was questioned and subsequently hired by Caster. As Yerold and I searched the cave we found Maven’s family chained up to the walls. On my way back out to rest of the group to get assistance with their restraints, I noted Sirlainna’s treasure chest. As we made our way back in to free the family, Caster & I took first crack at the treasure before Yerold could get the opportunity to callously give it all away. Speaking to the family and bodyguard, we did learn that the Dark Rider had met with the two sisters on occasion, adding another footnote to his chapter.



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