The Darkening

[12] Return(?) To Silent Hill

On the morning of our 26th day, I treated Caster with the antitoxin paste I had found on the bounty hunters. With Yerold performing his morning prayers, the rest of the group set about to get some answers from Caster before Yerold could “pass judgment”. His story was that he was wrongly imprisoned and had done nothing to deserve it (apart from claiming to be have had multiple hosts and being hundreds of years old). He also spoke of the horrible treatment of the inhabitants of the sanitarium, including gruesome experiments.

When Yerold returned to the group, he fortunately sided with Caster before casting judgment and killing the bounty hunter we had in custody. I wrote to the council about the sanitarium, and before long received a reply that we were welcome to go investigate as part of an official inspection. Given that it we would pass it on our way to Duskwood, all in the group but Caster all agreed that this was worth pursuing. With Caster donning our newly acquired hat of disguise, we made our way to Silent Hill.

Upon reaching Silent Hill, we spoke with a guard who escorted us onto the grounds once our paperwork was found. There we met with the head mistress Glenna Icethorn. As we toured the facility, her suspicions about us seemed to grow. By the time we reached the more secure area where the violent offenders were housed, Maven, the second-in-command whispered a warning, imploring us to leave.

Once in the treatment room, the door was locked behind us and Glenna indicated that she knew it was indeed Caster with us. She claimed that he had killed two guards and that he needed to be housed here. Caster had indicated in the notes we passed back and forth, that this was the area the experiments took place, specifically the basement. My initial inspection of the room turned up some traces of blood and a heavy cleaning agent smell. After agreeing to allow us to continue the inspection of the basement area, Glenna and her guards attacked.

We battled the foes to defeat. Knowing that the jig was up, Glenna and her guards fought to the death, knowing that punishment for their crimes would result in the same. Little did they know how swiftly that punishment would have been carried out thanks to Yerold, had they surrendered instead of fought…

With Glenna and her trusted guards killed, Maven returned to the room. We questioned him, verifying the truthfulness of his answers with a few spells. Approving of his answers and motivations, we placed him in charge of Silent Hill and set off to continue to Duskwood.



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