The Darkening

[11] Kidnapped

We woke up in the morning of the 19th day to find Caster missing and Verdin unconscious with a large knot on his head. Once we were able to bring Verdin to, we determined that 5-7 horses had kidnapped Caster. While the rest of us readied our horses to give chase, Verdin balked at the idea, thinking it more prudent to abandon our comrade whose kidnapping happened under his watch…

A short time in to the ride, we found a wanted poster, offering 1000gp for Caster who it claimed had broken out of the sanitarium Silent Hill. I quickly scanned the document, and it seemed genuine enough. To help ease the minds of Verdin and Yerold, I wrote in the journal to see if the council knew anything about these claims while we continued pursuit, northeast toward the sanitarium.

By the end of the 19th day, thanks to Yerold laying hands on our horses, we think we made up about 2 hours on the group.

The 20th day was uneventful. At the end of the day we heard barking coming towards us, a pack of 10 dogs. We killed them all and our horses scattered. Their dog collars revealed their names to be Honkey, Tonk, Man, Brutis, Beef, Cake, Kane, Undertaker, Jimmy and Superfly. Towards the end of the battle I damaged my scimitar. Fortunately, Zack created some mending leather that was able to repair my blade. Quite the surprising success! On the 21st day we found we had lost ground, they were probably 5-6 hours ahead of us.

Over 2 more days, Zack summoned magic horses to help catch up. On the 23rd day, 2 days from the sanitarium, we came to a small village of indigenous people, the Rapha-zir. As we approached the village we found that the bounty hunters had imprisoned them and threatened to burn down the huts with the Raphazarians still inside if we did not give up our chase. Refusing to acknowledge our letter from the council, Yerold was forced to judge them. Once they let it known that they were to receive 5000 gold for Caster’s capture, we knew we would not be able to get them to hand him over.

After much debate, we finally conceeded, not wanting to harm any of the innocents. Trying to employ some trickery, once out of view, we circled back ahead of the village and attempted to ambush the bounty hunters. They must have anticipated our ruse and avoided our ambush.

We continued to push on ahead, hoping to beat them back to the sanitarium. The response from the journal was that the council had no knowledge of the claims against Caster. On the evening of our 25th day, a short distance from the sanitarium, we heard what turned out to be the bounty hunters approaching. After another failed ambush attempt, the battle was on. Oddly, during the battle, Verdin fell the leader, healed his horse, coup de graced the fallen leader, then returned to his horse to continue to heal it, while the rest of us continued to battle the remaining enemies. We were able to finally dispatch the bounty hunters and rescue Caster, though he was unconscious, obviously poisoned.



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